Hallmark Global Technologies offers end-to-end solutions for medical billing and accounting. It may be any of your needs concerning processing claims or patient billing; our help is complete and comprehensive.

  • We understand and comply with complex compliance issues
  • We help our clients to deal with all insurance carriers
  • We help you to receive better rate of collections
  • We help new practices to avail end-to-end support on all medical billing and accounting

Our team of medical billing and accounting experts work as your extension office, and ensure that you are provided a rapid and stress free solution. All our medical billing and accounting services adhere to highest standards of compliance. Finally, we ensure that our client/beneficiary, patient or doctor gets the full patient care reimbursement.

We have designed and developed our medical billing and accounting program in compliance with the “Compliance Program Guidance for Third Party Medical Billing Companies.” Â We also adhere to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines and regulations (formerly known as HCFA) and other established compliance standards.