Hallmark Global Technologies’ custom application development services address equally each industry’s need for diverse functionalities as well as business critical applications.

We leverage on the power of business management, intelligence and information software, proprietary and open source in developing custom software applications.

Our custom application development services align the right-fit IT strategy with the client’s business needs. We ensure that our solutions result in transforming the business enterprise, making it greatly responsive to the market needs.

We deal in all aspects of custom application development: Development, Maintenance, Upgrades, System Integration, Performance Improvement and Business Process Re-Engineering.

Application Development

We focus on designing scalable and extensible software solutions that would result in reduced development cycle and are less prone to risks. Each application development engagement should result in solving complex problems, mitigation of risks, and assured returns on investment made.

Application Maintenance

Here, we aim to streamline the client’s application maintenance process. Significantly, this calls for leveraging on re-engineering, migration and testing of the applications. Our comprehensive application Maintenance services result in reduced system downtime, enhanced performance of the system, and greater freedom to the client to focus on core and strategic initiatives.

System Integration

A major challenge faced by businesses across different verticals is that of integrating multiple IT systems that deal with different functions, departments and stages in product lifecycles. Hallmark Global Technologies leverages on the experience of software architects and developers to achieve complete system integration and accelerated business process by using the right tools, and methodologies

Application Upgrades

We understand that each business needs to keep pace with the fast changes happening in IT domain. This is to leverage on latest and innovative technologies to optimize operations, and usher in greater operational efficiency. The technology requirements of the clients are fast changing, which include, need for enterprise integration, continuing legacy and redundant technologies, and the complexity of application maintenance. Our application upgrade strategy makes an assessment of the client’s technology needs, plans and strategizes with the right-fit technology solutions, and takes a follow-up after the implementation phase.

Performance Engineering

We help clients to realize consistent system performance by offering robust and custom performance engineering services. With us, performance management is integral to development, maintenance and production lifecycle of the client’s IT systems. It is an ongoing process, where we associate with the client for enhanced system responsiveness, greater productivity and business continuity.